Too close to the edge...

Anonymous asked: "It's so hard being alone. My boyfriend of two years left me three days before our anniversary, saying he doesn't love me and I'm repulsive for being such a freak. I'm trying to hang out with anybody literally who I can talk to, because I can't deal with this by myself, but everybody is either too busy or doesn't want to. I don't know what to do. I need friends right now. Friends to listen and hug and talk. Just having my family makes me feel so alone."

I haven’t had much experience with boyfriends and all of them have been bad ones. He mustn’t be any good either if he’s calling you a freak and repulsive, which you are absolutely not. You need to tell your friends how hard it is on you, they will understand and support you. I hope you don’t feel alone because I am here whenever you need me xx

posted 2 years ago