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Anonymous asked: "I feel like I have social anxiety. I display so many of the emotional, behavioural and physical symptoms. But I love acting. Does that mean I don't have it?"

People with social anxiety can feel comfortable on stage. It’s rehearsed, you’re playing a character, it’s not you. Some well known actors have come out and said that they struggled with social anxiety when they were younger, most notably Jennifer Lawrence. If you do have social anxiety acting might be the very thing that’ll help you overcome your fears, it’s a great way to build your confidence when speaking publicly. Also it can help with stuttering or muddling up a conversation; like when you recover from messing up your lines. Do talk to someone about your fears though don’t keep it to yourself, obviously I can’t diagnose you but a professional will be able to. To answer your question yes, people with social anxiety can enjoy acting, it’s a very controlled environment, you know what to expect. I do think you should throw yourself into your acting though, it’s a great confidence builder and it will help you mix with other people. I’ve found in my experience that a lot of quieter or shier people have joined acting classes and/or studied it; it tends to bring them out of their shell. I hope this helps, sorry I didn’t reply straight away it got lost ask box! Message me anytime :) 

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Anonymous asked: "I ve never been in a relationship and no boy had ever liked me (as far as i know) but i am terrified with the idea of getting into a relationship. And now when i get the feeling that a boy may like me i get really anxious and i think that i can never be in a relationship??"

I’m really not the best person to be giving advice on relationships but I’ll give it my best try!
You will be in a relationship, you may feel like you’re behind your friends but everyone develops in their own time and you’ll get there eventually. Whether you’re 13 or 30 it doesn’t matter. Just be yourself, form friendships with guys. It’s when you stop waiting in anticipation for something to happen that it usually comes. When it happens it’ll happen and when a boy does like you take it in stride! If it leads to something more then fantastic and if it fades out that’s ok too, it just means he wasn’t the right one. Don’t let anxiety stop your personality from shinning through!  Don’t over think this, it will happen, don’t rush into it if you’re not ready. I hope this helps, message me anytime xx  

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Anonymous asked: "Even though it's undiagnosed, I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety to some extent and when it comes to my relationship with my boyfriend he can be kind of insensitive to some of the problems I have (like constantly being terrified to interact with his friends out of fear of them hating me as well as other problems like being emotionally needy). Is there any way I can kind of help him understand where I'm coming from/things I can teach him about helping a significant other that has this problem?"

I’m not good with the relationship side of things but I know when it comes to mental illnesses you have to be honest with how you’re feeling. You also have to understand that he may never be 100% on the same page as you regarding social anxiety, people who don’t suffer from these sort of illnesses find it hard to relate and understand with someone who is dealing with it. Maybe start off with sitting down and going through what social anxiety is and how it effects people even if he’s heard it all before. Back it up with some facts and information:

NHS social anxiety


Help Guide 

Mood Juice

Also it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a professional but if for whatever reason you can not do that then there’s plenty of website and information out there. Message me if you ever need anything :) 

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Anonymous asked: "This might seem like a basic question. I feel like I should tell my close friends about my anxiety. They are all part of my Youth group/Church (they are my closest and possibly the only friends that I can trust) do you have any suggestions on how to go through with this? I'm not sure on how to tell them."

You could test the water and bring up anxiety in a conversation, see how they react to the subject. You could tell them one at a time, start off with the people you’re closest to at your youth group or maybe you’d prefer to just come out and say it to everyone. Do whatever you’re most comfortable with, anxiety is just something you have and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. You will come across people who can be judgmental but you’ll also find people who have experienced similar things to what you’re going through now, anxiety isn’t uncommon. You can do this, don’t over-think it because it’ll only stress you out. I’m here if you need to talk more xx

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Beliebers using Justin Biebers Depression as an excuse for his mistakes:
Mental Health is a serious subject and shouldn’t be used as justification for his stupid decisions. Please don’t comment on mental health problems if you have no knowledge on the matter whatsoever. 
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