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Anonymous asked: "hey um sorry to bother you but i've done some online anxiety tests and every one i've done has said that i have a high/severe anxiety level which i feel like i do but i don't want to admit it. i hate talking to people about how i feel because i can never get my words out properly.. how do you think i could tell my mum? i don't want her to feel like it's her fault and i just feel pathetic because there's others win worse situations than me.. thanks x"

You’re not pathetic and yes, there are people who are worse off than you but it doesn’t make your problems less important. Maybe write down what you’re going to say? List everything that’s bothering you and then show your Mum and talk through them together. You need to see a doctor if your anxiety is that severe, it’s not fair on you to leave it. The first step is talking to your Mum. I hope this helps and please don’t apologize, you’re not bothering me. I’m here to help, sorry for the slow reply. You can talk to me anytime, anon or off! x

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No, actually think about it. What would yo do if you weren’t afraid? 


No, actually think about it. What would yo do if you weren’t afraid? 



'little victories' by hanecdote

Anonymous asked: "How do you say to someone that your not interested in him??"

Just be upfront and honest I suppose. This isn’t really a relationship blog, not my area of expertise I’m afraid. There are plenty of relationship advice blogs on tumblr though! If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate :) 

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"It’s a privilege for someone to see your naked body and don’t let them tell you otherwise."
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Anonymous asked: "I'm constantly torn between seeing the counsellor about my social anxiety. I find it hard to talk to new people and I never speak up in class. I used to be sort of confident I think, but now I only have two friends I hang out with and while I love them, I feel alone. I feel like a loser and like everyone knows I'm one too. I'm worried that I'm just being dramatic and that it really isn't that bad and I'm once again blowing things out of proportion. I am ALWAYS doubting myself. I'm so confused."

If you have the option of seeing a counsellor then it might be worth atleast going an introductory consultation. If you feel like this method could work for you you can start to talk through some of your problems. Discuss what you want out of the sessions and explain the things you struggle with daily, if you decide to go ahead with it. If you don’t feel like it worked for you afterwards you haven’t gained or lost anything from it, it just means it’s time to look for a plan B. If your anxiety is effecting you daily then it won’t hurt to get an outsider perspective on it. Your anxiety could become progressively worse if you leave it and you have to decide if that’s a chance you’re willing to take. On the flip side if you don’t feel like speaking to a counsellor is for you then maybe take a different approach to your social anxiety by joining a club. It could be anything, swimming, dancing or going the gym, whatever you enjoy doing. Being surrounded by different groups of people outside school is always a pleasant change and it’s a great confidence builder too. Try and stick with whatever you decide to do, no halfhearted attempts. If you want to get better then this is the way forward. I have faith in you! Sorry for the lateness of this reply, message me anytime xx 

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Anonymous asked: "(I am getting professional help) I think my anxiety is controlling me day by day more. I tried to suice twice and in all the two of them I was so scared but like all of my negative toughts were controlling me and teling me to kill myself. I didn't want this but this anxiety started to control me so much. I remember fighting myself like" no you are not going to kill yourself" and I was like "yes I am. Beacuse you are doing nothing" it was so scary. I think I am crazy. Am I right?"

You are not crazy.

People who do “go crazy” in your words, don’t know they are, they think they’re perfectly normal. Telling me you’re paranoid about going crazy is a good indicator that you’re not. You’re sick. You have an illness just think any other, mental illness can be extremely harmful if the person going through it doesn’t get help so I’m glad you are. You need to control your thoughts, it’s not your rational mind that’s talking to you and making you think these things, it’s your illness and you need to treat it as such. You need to tell whomever you’re getting help from about your suicide attempts because I don’t want you hurting yourself and neither will your loved ones. This is treatable, like any illness it can be beaten. Try mediation to clear your mind.

Maybe try this: [x]

Tell someone please, if not for yourself then for your family. I am always here for you and sorry it took so long to reply. Message me anytime xx

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When things get too much; Sit down, close your eyes and try this:

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