Too close to the edge...

Anonymous asked: "I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. How should I tell her I think I might have anxiety? I've had a panic attack last year and I'm always worry about every little thing. I'm taking 3 AP classes next year and I swear the stress might end up killing me. I'm scared to tell my parents because I don't know how they'll react and I don't want them to think it's their fault."

Be honest with her, tell her exactly what you’ve just told me. Your doctor is there to help you but how can she if you don’t paint the whole picture for her? It’s important to get across how bad you’re feeling so the doctor can work with you to get you better. Just talk to your parents, explain the stress you’re under with your education, make sure they understand it has nothing to do with them. You need people to support you and who better than your Mum and Dad? I hope this helps, message me how your doctors consultation goes!  

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"Today I had the chance to help a girl who has just discovered she have panic disorder. I felt myself going back in time and telling the old me, a year ago, when it all began: “It will be alright. You’re not crazy. I know sometimes it seems that will never stop, but i promise it will.” I feel free. I feel that all I’ve been thru was not in vain, at least one person will not have to face this monster feeling alone."
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"Ignoring things didn’t make them go away. It only made it harder to face them when they finally came around."
— A. Meredith Walters

Anonymous asked: "I think my depersonilization is getting worst ( i am very busy with exams and i berly find time to relax) is there any advice you can give me? Is there anything i can do to make me feel more calm? Btw you have a very amazing blog good job!xxx"

First of all, thank you! 

Something very important I learnt while taking my exams was that they can be retaken. Silly right? A lot of people, me included, get into the mindset that you only have one chance and if you fail you’ll be a failure for life. Your mental health and stability is more important than exams. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them your all, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revise but you should always set time aside for yourself. Whether it means that you spend an extra ten minutes relaxing in the bath or you read a book for half an hour before bed, it doesn’t matter so long as you give yourself some down time. Also if you really feel like your depersonalization is getting worse you should go to a doctor. I hope this helps, good luck with your exams!

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"Why allow all the old memories to have supremacy? Make new ones, memories of such luster and beauty that, should the old ones come back, they would be pallid and impotent in comparison."
— Sherry Thomas

"Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did."

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i really, really like this.

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Mental illnesses aren’t clear cut. Symptoms over lap. Symptoms contradict. Some days are better than others. Some days are worse than others. It can get messy. No matter where you are on the spectrum- your thoughts & feelings are valid. You are precious. You deserve to be listened to. You deserve compassion. Just because X over there is struggling a bit more than you today, it doesn’t make you any less worthy of support.

"Our comfort zone in so many ways can be our biggest enemy; the familiarity. Our fear of the unknown is so primal as human beings. It’s so huge that we will do anything to avoid it."